As the tenant manager for Hale Resources, LLC, Sharon is responsible for finding tenants for vacant apartments, dealing with any complaints that are made, leases that are made on behalf of the client and evicting tenants. Sharon is very dedicated and organized when it comes to screening tenets for the best fit housing for each client based off of their income and other living situations. 

Sharon is an excellent multitasker, which is why she not only is a tenant manger for Hale Resources, but she is also the manager of Jon E. Suds Laundromat. As manager of the laundromat, she is incharge of the overall operations at the laundromat. 


Ophthalmic Technician for 23 years at Glaucoma Consultants in Albany, New York 

Case Manager for 10 years at The Bennington County Coalition for The Homeless.  


Bachelor's Degree of Science: Concentration of psychology at Saint Rose College

Associates Degree of Applied Science at Alfred State College